Handsome, Girlie, & Nuisance


Experience in managing operations at opera prop and scene shops, we currently reside in Portland, Oregon, and are employed by The Portland Opera.

Formerly employed by The Walnut Street Theater Scene Shop (basement), Philadelphia Police Department, Vice Squad (dumpster & alcove across the way), and The Opera Company of Philadelphia (warehouse & Production Center).

Freelance work for Arrangements Unlimited, Inc, & The Wilma Theater.

AFFILIATIONS: International Alliance of Theatrical Shop Cats, United States Institute for Theatrical Cat Technologies, American Brotherhood of Former Feral Police Cats (in collaboration with the LAPD Rat Patrol), United Scenic Cats, local 0, The Lollipop Guild & American Pigeon Fanciers Association.

"It's not just GOOD, It's good ENOUGH."


  • Employee monitoring & supervision
  • rodent control
  • vehicle maintenance
  • speakeasy management
  • tire damage and repair
  • invoicing
  • debt collection
  • strong arming
  • napping
  • kneecapping
  • covert operations
  • undercover investigations
  • upholstery
  • and carp